If you are suffering the debilitating effects of the constant fear of violently harming yourself or your loved ones, you can be healed.

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Rest, Recuperation, & the right kind of Food

The basis of our existence is that of well-being. As we restore our body we will see this is so. Our nerves heal, the "shock-waves" of fear begin to diminish, we learn to detach from what we are thinking, we are able to "sit" where once we were anxious. Because we have noted this well: prolonged stress, poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep, etc. break down our body and leave us exhausted. Learning to understand what weakens us or makes us resilient can make all the difference. Knowledge is power. We see the health of the body and mind inextricably linked and so by turns we administer the appropriate restorative factors to each to win back our life.


Patience with the Process as a Process

As we recover from Harm OCD, as we develop a tolerance for time, we feel less and less the exasperation of a world weary soul. We'll get there when we get there, we say to ourselves. Though the path be winding and long, what for the hurry? The rock is now rolling. We learn to relax. Days pass and grace takes place of worry. We embrace the slow climb. The light hits the mountain, new vistas arise. Day on day we are beginning to see.


Understanding Harm OCD

Right reassurance for Harm OCD should inform you that what you're enduring is well understood and that once you know more yourself you will gradually be able to effect the composure so needed to return to full health. This is fundamental, in the beginning. So too supply of right information. Continued reassurance seeking will not bring lasting peace of mind, however, and in fact its power to mitigate your concerns will diminish the more you engage the desire to seek it. Put simply, full confidence and peace of mind are not things another can give you. Time comes for you to claim them yourself. In this regard, recovery from Harm OCD depends upon a certain willingness to suspend disbelief - i.e. you must deal with your doubt. Of course, as OCD in general has been referred to the "doubting disease", we know that this isn't easy - but much is gained by understanding how your tired mind and adrenaline soaked body are making you repudiate the reassurance you've already been given. Moreover, much more is gained by understanding your mind and your body are not two separate things, they are one, and that you can start from either pole to affect and change the other. Here we will show you many ways to start dropping your tension. With simple effort first you can learn to progress to relaxing even to the point of full self-acceptance, from where there is "let-go" of pain and the end of this "thing".


Know Thyself!

With recovery from Harm OCD we begin to realize there is unique opportunity to gain greater understanding of who we are at our core and what we want for our lives. In the meantime, we may see how we have shut ourselves out, doubting ourselves because of our thoughts and how we are feeling. Our fears have blinded us somewhat, and so we keep checking, "am I good? Am I evil?" An endless cycle of questions and answers demurred, leading us on and on and so far from the cure. For under it all our real self is speaking our truth, always, blurred only by all the commotion of our speeded up systems. But sometimes we'll catch it, there, in our depths, even in the throes of our most morbid obsessions, the sense that we're good - and that is the start of knowing ourselves - the start of the looking and the searching within. For by looking under "what is" we begin to see the great inner truth the great lies of Harm OCD have hid from our sight. As this site grows, we will meet this with detail. Suffice to say now, however, the more we able to feel what's true about us, the less we're affected by our harming obsessions.